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Raah Fredrick A. Brown

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And He (YAHUAH) gave some apostles; and some prophets;
and some evangelists; and some pastors and some teachers.
Ephesians 4:11


          I Halal (praise) YAHUAH for the precious gift that he has given me, and I receive my gift with yadah (thanksgiving).  The gift is Raah Fredrick A. Brown.  He was born Feburary 25, 1956 to James and Mary Zella Brown.  He is the seventh child of ten children.  He is married to a wonderful woman of YAHUAH, Regina.  Raah Brown has eight children, six daughters and two sons.  He also is a musician.

          With the hands of YAHUAH upon his life, he was called to Raah (Pastor) in 1988.  He started a fellowship called Life In Christ Fellowship.  YAHUAH brought him from a tool shed behind a house to where he is now.

          From a Christian to a Abad (Servant) of YAHUAH.  Through the years I have seen YAHUAH elevate him from one level to another.  Yimeyahu (Jeremiah) 23:4 “And I will set up raah (shepherds) over them which shall feed them:  and they shall fear no more, nor be dismayed, neither shall they be lacking, saith YAHUAH.”  Raah Brown truly has the heart of YAHUAH and is feeding the chaciyd (saints) with byin (understanding).

          I thank YAHUAH for a Raah that will teach and preach the emeth (truth) without compromising.  He is a man not afraid to admit when he was wrong but will receive the emeth (truth) when it is revealed.  He is always seeking for the emeth.  He is a man after YAHUAH’s heart.

          Raah Brown is a man full of chakam (wisdom).  He is very gentle and has a meek ruah but he is as bold as a lion when he needs to be.  He is a very caring, loving, compassionate raah (shepherd) who really cares for his sheep.  Halal YAHUAH for Raah Fredrick A. Brown.


YAHUAH Barak You Raah Brown

Sis. Dorothy Williams


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