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Ab YAHUAH Made The Shabbath For Us

January 30, 2005

Dear Saints,

From the time of creation the seven day week has never changed. We can see in the book of Genesis that time has been measured by days, seven-day weeks, months, and years. The Father, YAHUAH, created six days for us to do what we need to do, but the seventh day belongs to Him. We see in Genesis 1, Ab YAHUAH pronounced the seventh day Shabbath at the end of creation. As we move into the Shabbath, let's remember that the first six days are intended for labor and the pursuit of human interest, but the seventh day belongs to YAHUAH. The seventh day is intended for humanity as a day of physical rest, spiritual renewal, and worship Ab YAHUAH.

Remember the Shabbath to keep it pure and SetApart,

Pastor Fredrick Brown


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