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SHEMOTH (EXODUS) 15: 2, 3, 4, 6,&11

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2. YAHUAH is my  owz  and  zim-rawth, He is  hayah  my  yasha:
                                      strength           song                        become         salvation

He is my YAH, and I will prepare Him an  navah; my  ab’s  YAHUAH
habitation      father’s

 and I will ruwm YAH (Repeat).

 3. YAHUAH is a man of war: YAHUAH is His shem

4. Par’oh’s chariots and his host hath He cast- hath He cast into the sea:

6. Thy yaw-meen O YAHUAH is   aw-dar    in  ko-akh:
              right hand                                become glorious    power

Thy yaw-meen’, O YAHUAH, hath dashed in pieces the o-yabe
          right hand                                                                                     enemy

11. Who is like unto thee, O YAHUAH among the  el?

Who is like thee, aw-dar in kaw-dash, fearful in praises, doing wonders?
glorious       holiness 


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