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1. O clap your hands, all you people;

 shout unto YAHUAH with the kole  ha   raw-nan (Repeat).
voice   of       triumph

2. For YAHUAH most high is yaw-ray;

He is a gaw-dole MelekYAH over all the earth.
                 great               king

 3. He shall subdue the people under us, and the nations under our feet.

 4. He shall choose our inheritance for us,

 the ga’own  of Ya’aqob whom he loved.
       excellency      Jacob

 5. YAHUAH is gone up with a shout,

YAHUAH with the sound of a trumpet.


6.  zaw-mar,   zaw-mar to YAHUAH,
       sing  praises   sing praises                                                             

zaw-mar,   zaw-mar   unto our MelekYAH
  sing praises   sing praises                              king

 7. For YAHU is MelekYAH of all the earth:

zaw-mar ye praises with saw-kal.
sing                                          understanding

 8. YAHUAH reigns over the heathen:

 YAHUAH sits upon the throne of His ko’desh.

9. The princes of the people are gathered together,

even the people of YAH of Abraham

 for the shields of the earth belong unto YAHUAH: He is meh-ode  alah.
                                                                                                      greatly        exalted


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