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Give aw-zan to my ay'mer

Tehillim 5:1-3

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Give aw-zan to my ay'mer O YAHUAH,
           ear               words

   Bene     my    haw-gaw.
 Consider         meditation

Kaw-shab unto the kole of my shaw-vah,
Hearken               voice               cry

My melekYAH, and my YAHUAH: For unto thee will I paw-lal.
           king                                                                        pray

My kole shalt thou shaw-mah in the bo-ker,
     voice                      hear               morning

O YAHUAH; in the boker will I aw-rak my paw-lal unto thee,
                                morning        direct        prayer

and will tsaw-faw.
               look up


Please note that the above Hebrew words are given in pronunciation form and not proper spelling for the convenience of learning for the chaciyd.


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